Group members

MSc students:

Dharshan Lokekere Gopal: SHM

Gustavo Henrique Beckman Gomes: SHM

Rahmat Ali:  SHM

Reza Amini (M.Eng):

Mudit Sharma (M.Eng):


PhD students:

Zilong Wang : Unsupervised machine learning based damage detection and localization

Wooram Choi : Deep learning based damage detection

Dongho Kang : Autonomous UAV for SHM

Esmaeil Ghorbani: Output-only remote non-contact damage detection using nonlinear filters

Gahyun Suh: Advanced deep learning based SHM



Tyler Epp (MSc) : Air-coupled michrophone based nondestructive damage detection of concrete structures

Lovedeep Ramana (MSc) : Automated detection of loosened bolts using computer vision


Past and Present Collaborations:

SIMTReC Canada

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

City College of New York

Lafayette College

Yonsei University

Purdue University


Texas A&M University

Lehigh University